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Dharma Care

Pastoral Care and Counseling from Buddhist Perspectives

About Us

     Dharma Care is a myth buster. What myth is being busted or actually revealed? Buddhism has a pastoral tradition that involves the care of people who are suffering through ignorance, delusion, hatred, sickness, addictions, emotional dysregulation, relationship discord and dying. Through this site, we hope to reveal what Buddhist pastoral caregiving and short-term counseling can look like in your Buddhist community.

     Dharma Care is also a resource for Buddhist pastoral counseling. This site was created and is maintained by Pamela Ayo Yetunde, M.A. ( Ayo is available for long-term Buddhist counseling online or in person in the Atlanta, GA area and can be contacted through the "Contact Us" tab at the left of this screen.


     Ayo served as a volunteer with Zen Hospice Project and Pathways Home Care and Hospice. She did Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) at Alta Bates Summit Medical Center and engaged in similar work at San Francisco General Hospital and Kaiser Permanente. She was a chaplain at Pathways Home Care and Hospice. Ayo earned a certificate in Buddhist chaplaincy at Sati Center for Buddhist Studies (, a certificate in spiritual direction from Mercy Center and a M.A. in Culture and Spirituality at Holy Names University. Ayo was board certified by the College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychology, and is earning a doctorate in Pastoral Counseling at Columbia Theological Seminary. Ayo is a graduate of the Community Dharma Leaders program. ( Her residency in pastoral counseling was at Care and Counseling Center of Georgia.

     Ayo is the author of three books including: Vigil: Spiritual Reflections on Your Money and Sanity, The Inheritance: A Stock-Picking Story and Beyond 40 Acres and Another Pair of Shoes: For Smart Sisters Who Think Too Much and Do Too Little about Their Money.